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Who is MediaOnQ?

We describe ourselves as authentic, driven and fearless collaborators. We are passionate about everything that we do.

Here at MediaOnQ we celebrate diversity, allowing us to build teams of thinkers who bring in unique perspectives to our projects. This is core behind building active brands. With this foundation in place we are able to create experiences around a brand's content, product, service or information. We have a broad range of clients like Heartland Healthcare Network, Minnkota Windows, Moorhead Dairy Queen, TrueNorth Steel, IMAGE Medi-Spa, SJE-Rhombus and the Progressive Therapy Associates to name a few. Our job to make sure that your brand gets noticed.

What We Do.


When businesses sign into a contract with CGI and purchase their eLocalLink Video, it is assumed and sometimes expected that you own the right to that video. Unfortunately that is not the case.
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Audio-Technica 4053b vs. RODE NT5 indoor dialogue test and comparison shot in 4K.
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YouTube Reveals Formula to Video Marketing Engagement by sharing their own user survey results to help us fine tune our content and delivery channels.
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Did you know that there are things you can do to save money on AdWords campaigns?
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If you find your self, spending a lot of time and effort posting and promoting your content across multiple social media channels, this episode is for you.
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