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Mobile Apps for Business


MediaOnQ offers the fastest and easiest way to bring custom mobile apps to your business making it easy for you to stay connected to your customers and build customer loyalty.  MediaOnQ makes it affordable for your business to have it's own native iPhone, iPad and Android app. We've created a list of features which are designed to help you compete in today's web economy.

Mobile App Features

  • GPS Directions
    GPS Directions
    Your customers will benefit from the built in GPS Directions feature allowing to get turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from their current location.
  • One Touch Calling
    One Touch Dialing
    With One Touch Dialing your customers will be able to call you directly from inside your app. Your number is there, always available so there is no need to save or remember it.
  • Tell  A Friend Feature
    Tell A Friend
    Tell A Friend feature allows your customers to share your content, your products, your information with their contacts over email, Facebook, SMS TXT messages and Twitter.
  • Food Ordering Feature
    Food Ordering
    Food Ordering feature allows restaurants to stay connected to their customers by making it convenient for them to place orders directly from inside the mobile app.
  • Mobile Shopping Cart
    Mobile Shopping Cart
    The Mobile Shopping Cart makes it easy for your business to sell products and services over mobile devices. Your customers will appreciate the ability to shop your store from their mobile device.
  • Mobile Reservations
    Mobile Reservations
    Mobile Reservations is a great way to attract more customers, capture their information and use it in future marketing efforts.
  • Music Player
    Music Player Feature
    The Music Player allows fans to not only listen to music but also makes it easy for them to purchase music from inside your app.
  • Loyalty Card Feature
    Loyalty Card
    The Loyalty Card feature allows you to reward your good customers and gives them a reason to keep coming back. No more having to remember to bring in the card, this also gives them a reason to download your app.
  • Custom Email Forms
    Custom Email Forms
    Custom Email Forms can be added to help you collect reservations, leads, appointments and anything else you can think of.
  • Video Integration
    Video Integration
    Video Integration brings your YouTube Channel into your mobile app, allowing your customers to consume more of your content and interact with your brand.
  • Event Attendance
    Event Attendance
    With Event Attendance your users can notify others that they are attending your event directly from inside your mobile app.
  • Business Listing and Information
    Business Information
    The Business Information feature allows you to customize your business listing, focusing on how you want your content, products or information to be positioned.
  • Points of Interest
    Points of Interest
    The Points of Interest feature allows you to enhance your brand's engagement by giving your audience additional reasons to use your app.
  • Events Listing
    Event Listings
    Event Listings allows you to stay connected to your active customers by keeping them informed of all of your events, helping you build your Active Brand.
  • Contact Information
    Contact Information
    You can give your customers multiple ways of contacting you directly from you app - Phone, website, email, directions to your business and even a multiple locations search.
  • Email Photo Feature
    Email Photo Feature
    The Email Photo features focuses on engagement allowing your customers to take a picture or select one from their smart device and send it to you.
  • Native Photo Gallery
    Native Photo Gallery
    You can display images of your business in a great looking image gallery that is specifically optimized for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Fan Wall Feature
    Fan Wall
    The Fan Wall feature allows you to collect valuable feedback from your customers. It is a great way to test out new ideas or present concepts to gauge interest.
  • Sports Stats Feature
    Sports Stats Feature
    You'll be able to use the Stats Feature to allow your customers to count items related to your business and email you the results.
  • Mailing List Feature
    Mailing List Feature
    The Mailing List feature will allow you to collect names and email addresses for your customers so that you can market to them in the future.
  • Tip Calculator
    Tip Calculator
    You can include a Tip Calculator in your app to help drive more engagement and interaction with your brand, while making your customer's life a bit easier.
  • QR Coupons Feature
    QR Coupons Feature
    More than QR Coupons for your customers - direct customers to rich content landing pages allowing your them to engage with your brand.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Mortgage Calculator
    The Mortgage Calculator feature is perfect for independent real estate agents. Agents are able to preset the interest rate taking the guess work out for their customers.
  • Blog Integration
    Blog Integration
    Your Blog will always be up to date, keeping your customers informed and up to date. We can publish your blog through RSS directly to your app.
  • Push Notifications
    Push Notifications
    Push Notifications allows you to send messages directly to your customers whenever you want through our easy to use Content Management System.
  • GPS Coupons
    GPS Coupons
    GPS Coupons allows you to create mobile coupons that your customers can Unlock by "checking in" at your business.
  • Facebook Integration
    Facebook Integration
    You can integrate your app to Facebook making it easy to get your content where your customers are.
  • Twitter Integration
    Twitter Integration
    You can integrate your app to Twitter making easy to connect with the Twitter audience, create back-links to your content and build your Active Brand.
  • LinkedIn Integration
    LinkedIn Integration
    Allow your customers to engage, consume and share your content through their favorite social media sites.
  • MySpace Integration
    MySpace Integration
    Allow your customers to share your content through the New MySpace to extend your reach to potential new audiences.
  • Campaign Monitor Integration
    Campaign Monitor
    We'll make it easy for you to import contacts that have been gathered by the mobile app into Campaign Monitor.
  • Constant Contact Integration
    Constant Contact
    Import your mobile app contacts into Constant Contact to create targeted messages for your mobile audiences.
  • Get Response Integration
    Get Response
    Get Response is yet another email marketing service which we've integrated to make it easy and convenient for you to gather new user information to use on your marketing efforts.
  • iContact Integration
    Importing your user lists into iContact is a very simply and straight forward process. Your app does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on building your business.
  • MailChimp Integration
    MailChimp Integration
    MailChimp Integration features is one of the most popular because it allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers in your mailing list free of charge.
  • OpenTable Integration
    Adding OpenTable integrates a restaurant reservation system into your mobile app for on the go restaurant reservations.
  • Podcast Integration
    Podcast Integration
    Now you can include a Podcast in your app making easy for you to distribute your content to your users so they can engage with it at their convenience.
  • SoundCloud Integration
    You can use the SoundCloud integration to allow your customers to listen on the go from their favorite mobile device.
  • Shopify Integration
    Shopify Integration
    Shopify allows you to automatically integrate all of your Shopify items into a single mobile shopping cart.
  • Magento Integration
    Magento shopping cart is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions, so we've made it easy to integrate Magento into your mobile app.
  • Volusion Integration
    We've made it simple for you to integrate your Volusion shopping cart with your mobile app, allowing you to sell when your customers are ready to buy.
  • Instagram Integration
    You can automatically integrate all of your Instagram photos into a customized display gallery on your app.
  • Shopping Cart Feature
    Shopping Cart
    Are you ready to create a mobile store? Easily add, edit and sell items through your mobile app via PayPal or Google Check Out.
  • Notepad Feature
    Notepad Feature
    The Notepad feature allows your customers to record notes and email them to anyone they want at any time.
  • Voice Recorder Feature
    Voice Recorder
    The Voice Recorder allows users to capture high quality audio and email it to anyone they want at any time.
  • Mobile Ads Feature
    Mobile Ads
    We've made it easy for you to integrate mobile ads into your app using many of the best mobile ad providers in the country.
  • Flickr Integration
    Integrating with Flickr allows you to create a custom image gallery from your Flickr images that is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Picasa Integration
    Picasa integration allows you to create a custom image gallery from your Picasa pictures, that is optimized for your mobile customers.
  • WuFoo Integration
    WuFoo makes it easy to create a wide variety of forms - appointments, orders, feedback, simple contact and much more.
  • YouTube Channel Integration
    YouTube Channel
    We can add your YouTube channel directly into your mobile app to make it convenient for your customers to engage with your YouTube videos.
  • Available on iPhone
    iPhone Apps
    MediaOnQ can bring your business to the iPhone by building an iPhone app in days, not months, allowing you to enhance your customers mobile experience.
  • Available on the iPad
    iPad Apps
    MediaOnQ can bring your business to the iPad by building an iPad app in days, not months, allowing you to enhance your customers mobile experience.
  • Available on Android
    Android Apps
    MediaOnQ can bring your business to the Android Devices by building an app in days not months allowing you to enhance your customers mobile experience.
  • Available on HTML5
    HTML5 App
    MediaOnQ can create an HTML5 app to redirect your customers back to your mobile website. This is a good option that is quick, easy and affordable.